My tailor is rich (Ad Astra, video in english)

For the first time (and maybe the last 😮 ) we made a little video in english to present « Ad Astra » the next game of Serge Laget and Bruno Faidutti. In this video you will discover the main mechanics of the game and some of the action cards.

La porte des étoiles (ou la boite c'est vous qui voyez).
Stargate (or the box of the game if you prefer).

I let you watch and comment…

Just to explain why we made it :

The blog and Serge had made a french video on this game, and then Bruno Faidutti challenged Serge to do it in english (because Bruno Faidutti’s website is both in french and english)…

And you see that it was a great challenge for Serge, but he didn’t fear the dark side of the force and made it 😮 .

PS : great thanks to Bruno Cathala to help us with english !

5 réflexions sur « My tailor is rich (Ad Astra, video in english) »

  1. L’effort est tout à fait louable, félicitations pour cette vidéo. J’en profite pour féliciter Le Repaire pour ses vidéos toujours explicites et intéressantes. Continuez comme ça!

  2. Great video! Thanks Serge, this looks like another game I will be definately getting.

    You did a great job on the video!!



  3. Thanks Serge for the video review.

    I certainly got the idea of what is was all about.

  4. Bravo Serge! Your video hits a curiously sweet spot between being informative and being very silly. My ten year old daughter, who has been a Bruno Faidutti fan ever since she first played Citadels, loves Race for the Galaxy and Settlers of Catan, and is therefore dreaming of the day this game arrives in northern Tasmania, was most enchanted by your effort (while being grateful for the subtitles!).

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